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This year, Dorset Buttons & Inkle Weaving

A course which aims to keep alive traditional and heritage crafts which are still enjoyed as passtimes.

The making of Dorset buttons is a centuries old craft, undergoing something of a revival at present. All the traditional button designs have names - Yarrels, Grindles, High Tops, Daisy Chains, Basketweave, Templars Crosses and  Crosswheels among others - and you will get the opportunity to try out some of them. By the end of the course you will hopefully have created not only a number of functional buttons (maybe even a set of them), but also have completed perhaps a wall hanging or a piece of jewellery (or maybe even both). You don’t need any previous experience, just plenty of patience and imagination.

Inkle weaving is another centuries old craft, dating back to at least Viking times. Inkle braids are usually no more than about five centimetres wide, and can be used for various purposes – from simply tying things together using a single narrow braid, to joining several braids to create larger items. Over the course of the three days you will learn to use the loom and produce a length of braid that will then be made into a small bag or purse by joining several short lengths together to create a wider piece of fabric.

I will provide most of the materials you will need, but if you have any threads, yarns, ribbon etc. that you’d like to try then please bring them with you (and if you’re happy to share then so much the better). I mostly use Cotton Perle 8, but soft wool yarns and some synthetics work well too. Small pieces of fabric about 3 or 4 inches square would be useful as well, even narrow lace is a possibility – just use your imagination. If you wish to make a wall hanging then please bring a frame for it, a 5 or 6 inch embroidery hoop would be ideal.

The cost of this course is between £410.00 and £435.00 depending on the accommodation chosen.

The course tutor is Maureen Taylor

There are places available on this course.

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