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Pre-registration for Courses Not Listed

This page is a place-holder for pre-registration for Andycraft Retreats 2020 for courses we don't yet have information about.

It allows you to register an interest in the retreat, to indicate your preferences for course and accommodation, and to pay a deposit to reserve your place.

Precise course details will be updated when they are available and when the tutors have been confirmed.

Once full course details are available, if it transpires that there is nothing to interest you your deposit will be refunded in full. Otherwise, you will be able to transfer from this place-holder to the course of your choice (or we will do this for you, and advise you we have done so, where appropriate).

Registrations will be logged as deposits are paid and places allocated and preferences satisfied (where possible) in strict order of receipt of deposit.


Tuition fees remain largely unchanged from 2019, but we expect an increase in accommodation costs.

The cost of this course including accommodation is likely to be between £480.00 and £505.00 depending on your choice of room.

The course tutor is ToBe Confirmed

There are places available on this course.

Sign up or sign in to see details about availability and to reserve your place.

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