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This year, Landscape Painting

The aim in teaching this course is to make painting fun, free, and expressive rather than ‘photographic’ and to enable people to feel confident about their efforts. Your tutor is not an advocate of one style and encourages everyone to have their own view of the world. Cameras are useful but painting direct from the landscape, rather than someone else’s image, is what we would aim for. We would expect everyone to take home at least one piece that they would be happy to hang in their own home.

The main thing is that this course is very suitable for any level of skill. If you have never painted anything before this would be perfect for you or if you are already confident with painting it would be a perfect opportunity to try a new approach, or perhaps simply to enjoy the company of painting with others.  This is a discipline that lends itself perfectly to all tastes so all areas of the subject can be explored.

Lesson 1

Introductions. We will start by looking at some alternatives to traditional approaches and how to consider atmosphere, light, distance, and photo options. It would be useful to spend an hour practising mark making with all the tools and materials to hand.

Hopefully we will start by drawing outside from the landscape in the morning. Choose a view, draw it in charcoal rather than pencil, 4/6 times, various sizes, and perhaps write some tonal notes about it.  Afternoon paint the same image in black and white - without measuring anything - so as to help to achieve a free and loose result. Some people may prefer to choose another single colour for this exercise.

Lesson 2

Morning.  Choose a different view and sketch it several times in pencil. Make one much larger sketch min. A3. If there is time, return to the studio to start painting from your sketches.

Afternoon. Make an A3 painting of your view without using the pencil or charcoal as a guide. If you work quickly you may find that you can attempt more than one painting. 

Lesson 3

This is our day to really get down some paint and to put into use all we have learned so far.  It’s the day for your ‘masterpiece’ to come to fruition and for everyone to enjoy the process.


Sufficient paper will provided for the whole course, also sticky tape to fix it down. If you have a large painting board that would be useful, although it is thought that the art room already has some, and also easels. I will have some paint available at cost but most people would be better off bringing their own and also their own brushes. (There will be a quantity of brushes available to borrow, and other tools like rollers, palette knives etc.) Water containers should be available but kitchen roll is indispensable and a good thing to bring. You will also need some kind of palette; an ordinary plate is fine for this.

Water colour is NOT the preferred medium for this course, and no paper will be provided for that. Acrylics are much more suitable, and brushes to go with it. Only basic colours are necessary, including white of course, but if you already have more do bring them along. If you have never used acrylics this would be the perfect opportunity to try out this very versatile and satisfying medium.

The cost of this course is between £410.00 and £435.00 depending on the accommodation chosen.

The course tutor is ToBe Confirmed

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