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Silversmithing and Enamelling

This multi-craft workshop offers an insight into both silver jewellery making and enamelling.

We will learn how to make jump rings using a piercing saw, how to solder using a blow torch, how to shape and file metal and how to clean & polish.  We will also discuss hallmarking requirements.

We will use enamels dry and wet and also investigate the use of the kiln as well as consider health and safety precautions.

During this three day workshop participants will have ample time to get to grips with basic silver jewellery making skills as well as the processes involved when enamelling on copper.

The workshop will be split into two sections; the silver jewellery part will cover the processes involved in making a bespoke sterling silver chain bracelet using wire, while the enamelling part of the workshop will give students the opportunity to make a number of copper pieces which will be enamelled using various techniques.

Silver Chain Bracelet

• Sterling silver wire is not included in the course fee but can be supplied at cost from the tutor.
• A starter pack of copper shapes are included in the course fee.
• Findings are available to purchase from the tutor.
• Enamels will be freely available to use during the workshop and are included in the course fee.

No tools are necessary but it may be useful to bring a set of basic jewellery pliers. Students’ finished bracelets can optionally be sent for hallmarking at the end of the workshop (small additional charge).

 Day 1

The first day will be spent thinking about the bracelet designs and then learning basic piercing technique using a jewellers saw and how to produce custom sized jump rings from sterling silver wire.  Students will then progress onto the soldering process and will start to assemble their jump rings into a bracelet chain.

Day 2 Morning

Continuing from the first day we will continue with our chains and look at shaping or applying pattern to the jump rings to produce fancy chains.  Finally we will clean and polish the chains to a high standard.

Day 2 Afternoon

We will have fun working with copper shapes, enamel powders, frits and threads.  We'll go step by step through some basic enamelling techniques.  We will also learn how to use the pendant drill to make holes in copper shapes where necessary.

Day 3

We will further develop our skills by trying techniques such as scraffito, stencilling and scrolling.  We will also look at counter-enamelling.  Cloisonné techniques and wet-laying of enamels will be covered today.  Students can transform their enamelled shapes into jewellery items using findings.

To join this workshop you don't need any experience as we will start from scratch.

Do come and join us; learn lots of new skills, have some fun, and make a number of unique pieces of enamelled jewellery and a beautiful bespoke sterling silver bracelet.

The cost of this course including accommodation is between £460.00 and £485.00 depending on your choice of room. This includes £30.00 for the starter pack of copper shapes and the enamels needed for the course as described above.

The course tutor is Mark Vardy

There are places available on this course.

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