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Working with Seed Beads

Over the three days you will master the art of working with seed beads by learning or developing bead weaving stitches such as Peyote, Flat Square Stitch, (Cubic) Right Angle Weave, Herringbone Stitch and St. Petersburg Chain.

You will be guided through either one large or several small projects of your choice, each using different techniques to enable you to build your skills, which can then be transferred to your future bead projects.

A variety of patterns will be provided for you to choose your project(s), according to your skill level. You will need to bring any beads that you have with you, although there will be plenty of Toho beads, thread and needles to choose from should you wish to purchase them during the course. A basic beading kit would be useful; bead mat, thread, scissors, needles, and a tape measure, although there will be some items available to borrow should you need them.

To join this workshop you don't need any experience of beading as we can start from scratch, but if you are more experienced there are intermediate patterns to develop your skills and advanced patterns to work from where your tutor can help generally with tips and ideas to hone your skills.


Day One - Peyote Stitch and Learning to Picot

Make a bracelet in Peyote Stitch with hexagonal beads. Learn to use a picot; not only to edge the bracelet, but also to embellish it.

Day Two - Flat Square Stitch and Figure of Eight Chain

Making pieces of a necklace in Flat Square Stitch and edging them with a picot. Join the pieces of the necklace using Figure of Eight chain.

Day Three - Right Angle Weave Flat and Embellished

Making a bracelet in Flat Right Angle Weave and learning a variety of ways to embellish it.

Alternative 1 – Ladder Stitch and Flat Herringbone Stitch

Use Ladder stitch as a way of beginning flat Herringbone stitch used to make a bracelet.

Alternative 2 - Saint Petersburg Chain Single and Double

Learn single and double St. Petersburg Chain for bracelets and necklaces.

Intermediate and Advanced

Day One - Peyote Stitch

Make a shaped bracelet using Odd Count Peyote Stitch whilst learning to increase and decrease, with cut-outs for the advanced beader.

Day Two - Flat Square Stitch

Make complex patterns in Square Stitch whilst learning to increase and decrease, with shaped decorations for the advanced beader.

Day Three – Cubic/Prismatic Right Angle Weave

Make a three-dimensional rope necklace whilst learning Cubic Right Angle Weave, with embellishments for the advanced beader.

Alternative 1 - Herringbone Stitch

Developing Herringbone Stitch with strips of beads to look like basket weaving and showcase glass drops, crystals or pearls.

Alternative 2 - Saint Petersburg Chain

Make triple (or even quadruple for the advanced beader) Saint Petersburg Chain for a bracelet with (a) fringe(s).

The cost of this course including accommodation is between £420.00 and £445.00 depending on your choice of room.

The course tutor is Wendy Cavalier-Hirth

There are places available on this course.

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