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Jewellery Making with Wire And Metalwork

Join Sue on this exciting three-day wire-work techniques Course.

This three-day wire work course offers projects and techniques for beginners and intermediate wire workers alike.  The three techniques have been carefully selected to offer projects with varying levels of difficulty meaning you can learn new skills or improve on existing ones, chill out with like minded people or challenge yourself to add to the projects with your own flair and creativity.

The three techniques include: Viking Knit, Braiding and Macramé; three of the most versatile and useful techniques for wire workers and which produce the most beautiful jewellery items.

Day 1

Wire Macramé

Once this skill has been mastered the opportunities are endless! It is an underused technique in the wire working world and you will be amazed at its potential, use this technique to create bangles, cuffs, collars, earrings, rings, tiaras, set cabochons, the list is endless!

You will be taught how to achieve a successful and neat macramé braid using wire and incorporating your favourite gemstones or crystals. We will progress from here on to creating more complex macramé techniques to achieve wider braids, cuffs or connectors. Once these techniques have been mastered and you have created your first pieces you will be shown how to add to them and be offered lots of inspiration on how to apply the technique to other designs.  There will be ample time to develop the ideas you will no doubt have after realising the potential of this technique!

Day 2

Viking Knit

This ancient technique used to create tubular braids has been used throughout history in various civilisations but is most associated with the Vikings. It is a beautiful and strong braid that can be used simply to create necklaces and bracelets, but also has applications for setting stones, creating links or building larger more intricate designs.

On this day you will be taught how to use a Viking knit tool and how to alter the size or intricacy of your braid. You will learn the basic method of creating the braid and how to overcome common problems you may encounter when using wire for this technique. You will also be shown how to use a draw plate, how to condition your braid and create your own end caps for your finished braids.

After the technique has been mastered you can progress to creating ombre designs, double knit, cabochon caging, adding gemstones or seed beads and be inspired to consider the various applications you can use the technique for in your own jewellery making in the future.

Day 3

Braiding with wire

Using wire to create braids is one of my favourite techniques, it offers not only beautiful results for cuffs, collars, circlets etc; but also, a strong foundation for other designs. You will be amazed at the results you can achieve in such a short time and the versatility of these techniques.

We will start the day by learning how to create a 4-strand braid, then move on to a 5 strand braid, you will learn how to use a vice, achieve even tension to create uniform and neat braids and how to finish the wires for a professional finish.

From here we will experiment with different materials such as aluminium and leather cord.  We will then progress to incorporating twisted wires, gizmo coils, coloured wires and adding gemstones or beads to your braids. This is an exciting last day that will have you hooked on creating fabulous statement pieces suitable for all ages, genders and styles.

All specialist tools can be provided. However, please bring the following essential items with you:

  • Basic jewellery tools including- wire cutters, flat nose, round nose and snipe/dolphin nose pliers.
  • Scissors
  • Sketch book, pencil, eraser and sharpener
  • Ruler/tape measure

You may also want to bring other basic tools to save sharing or if you prefer to use your own, these include:

  • Macramé board
  • Bead mat
  • Gizmo tool
  • Viking knit tool
  • Vice/clamp
  • Bail making pliers
  • Wire twister tool
  • Forming pliers
  • Wags wicone/ cone makers


Materials List

There will be a small selection of gems, wire and findings available in the class to top up if necessary, however a list of essential materials are listed below, please bring these with you or order kits from me in advance as I cannot guarantee quantity available in the shop for all participants.

Quantities are approximate and will depend heavily on how you decide to progress your designs.

To order kits in advance, please visit

Recommended suppliers for materials include: for all materials for gems and crystals for wires

Day 1 -Macramé

  • 4mm wire x 10 metres
  • 6mm wire x 10 metres
  • 8mm wire x 10 metres
  • 1mm wire x 10 metres
  • Selection of gemstones or crystal strands in sizes 4 – 8mm
  • Clasps and findings such as chain, ear wires, head pins, jump rings etc.

(Kit can be provided at additional cost of £30, if ordered at least 3 weeks in advance)

Day 2 – Viking Knit

  • 4mm wire x minimum 20 metres)
  • 1mm wire x 5 meters
  • Variety of gemstones to incorporate
  • Cabochon (round or oval)
  • Selection of findings

(Kit including Viking knit tools (2 sizes), findings and wire can be provided if ordered at least 3 weeks in advance £35)

Day 3- Wire Braiding

  • 4mm wire x 10 metres
  • 6mm wire x 10 metres
  • 8mm wire x 10 metres
  • 1mm wire x 10 metres
  • 5mm aluminium wire x 10 metres (optional)
  • 2mm aluminium wire x 10 metres (optional)
  • Selection of gemstones or beads

(kit containing all copper wire gauges, mini vice and selection of gems available if ordered 3 weeks in advance £30)


The cost of this course including accommodation is between £455.00 and £480.00 depending on your choice of room.

The course tutor is Sue Bouys

There are places available on this course.

Sign up or sign in to see details about availability and to reserve your place.

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